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Cristina BACCIN

Periodista, escritora, pintora / Journalist, writer, artist

International Workers´ Day

A celebration of International Workers´ Day in a show about the D. Trump administration threats to immigrants and workers´ rights. We share a conversation about the main concerns regarding immigrants, low-wage workers […]

Cayendo en la TrAmPa

By Cristina Baccin Publicado en: Argentina / APe España / El Mercurio Digital (Miembro de ATP, AIPEP, FAPE (Federación de Asociaciones de la Prensa de España. Registro Profesional 16.623) y FIP ALAI […]

“Genízaro Nation”

Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Spanish, Dr. Enrique Lamadrid and Prof. Moisés Gonzáles, Community & Regional Planning at the University of New Mexico are shining light on a topic that challenges cultural identities […]

Hip hop in Cuba

Interview with Colin Diles Hazelbaker about his documentary in progress, “Hip Hop está vivo en Cuba” based on his visit to Cuba for the “12mo. Simposio Cubano de Hip Hop”. We´ll share […]