About/Sobre mí

Pop Up Portrait Studio at 516 Arts

Cristina Baccin (Photo by Gabriella Marks)

As a Journalism and Social Communication Scholar in Argentina and Spain, I had deep and intense experiences, with my students, my colleagues and learning momentum from the institutions  that I was related with as student, graduate, Boards member, elected Dean, researcher and professor.

Today, I want to deepen my knowledge and put my hands in the production, edition, and community involvement with my writings and audio productions on line,  and as a radio broadcaster.

Since I live in the United States, it became easier to breathe through my multicultural background, and my main languages: Spanish, English, Italian. From Argentina, Italy, Spain  and the places where I lived, I blend my learnings as a tool for a better understanding of my life and my environment.

My paintings are a way to raise my awareness through my fingers, instead of my “intelectual drainer”.

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