Simone Debbas Presents “Allégorie Aux Femmes”

"Madonna Afgana" by Simone Debbas

“Madonna Afgana” by Simone Debbas (Oil on Canvas, 14 x 16)

“Ethnic Madonnas”, as Lebanese born artist Simone Debbas calls her recent series of Madonnas composed of women from many different countries, are joined by portraits of women from around the world that also reflect her own diverse journey in art and life. In this interview by host Cristina Baccin, you´ll be surprised by the inspiration for this exhibition “Allégorie aux femmes” (Spiritual meaning of the Women) that  Albuquerque based artist Debbas shares with the public on May 6 (Albuquerque, NM).

Born in Beirut, during World War II, within an art loving family, educated in Lebanon and at the Academia di Belle Arti, one of the finest art academies in Italy, Ms. Debbas let her exquisite palette bloom with a Renaissance flavor in the works presented in this exhibition.

Originally aired on April 29th, 2017