Frida Kahlo And Her “Tree of Hope”

Frida Kahlo By Arturo Martínez (Veracruz, México)

 “Frida con flores” by Arturo Martínez (Veracruz, México) / Art for CD Cover

Did you know that “Cielito lindo”, one of the most popular songs in Mexico and Latin America, was an inspiration for Mexican painter Frida Kahlo´s works? In fact, Magdalena Carmen Frieda Kahlo Calderon is one of the most well known female artists in the world, yet we still don´t know all the secrets hidden in her paintings.

We´ll listen to a different approach to understanding her short but intense life: How was Frida Kahlo´s art linked to Mexican popular music? Dr. Gloria Arjona tells us what she found out and she´ll play and sing some of those songs through her recently released album, Frida Kahlo: “Tree of Hope” hosted by Cristina Baccin.

Originally aired on KUNM, Sat. Sept. 17th, 2016