New Cumbia Singer: La Yegros

From the Buenos Aires underground cultural scene and the Argentinian borders with Brazil and Bolivia, Mariana Yegros (aka), La Yegros embraces the multicolored Latin American mestizaje through a fresh interpretation of cumbia featuring electronic beats and her unique vocal timber.

She gives an on-air interview about her “new cumbia” and USA tour beginning in Albuquerque during the Raíces show by host Cristina Baccin.


La Yegros (Iluminada Tour) / Credit:

Originally aired on KUNM (Nov. 5, 2016, 2pm)

Among the songs, my favorite is “Sueñitos” (Little dreams) in collaboration with multiple award winner Argentine musician (Oscar, Golden Globe Award, Latin Grammy Award, and Grammy) Gustavo Santaolalla. Video here: