Bullying in schools


“Los Jóvenes que sufren bullying”

How does bullying happen in schools? Who is at risk? How does it affect the Latino/Hispanic community? What are the resources that parents and children have in New Mexico to respond to bullying? What are the ways to prevent it?

A panel of Social Workers and Counselors- Franchesca Bañuelos, Barbara Brandon and Dr. Dan Giuliano  – share their wisdom with us this evening hosted by Cristina Baccin.

In addition, two students dramatize bullying situations in schools (Source: “Bullies: Monologues on Bullying for Teens and Adults” by Jim Chevallier, Chez Jim, 2011): Arianna Helena Aguirre (student at The Albuquerque Institute for Math and Science, a UNM-affiliated public charter school) and Adam Benito Aguirre (a student attending Tierra Adentro Flamenco Arts Charter School) who also plays the music for Adam Aguirre´s production.

Originally aired on KUNM, Monday, August 29t, 2016h, 7pm