Workers on front

NewMexicanFlagOriginally aired on KUNM / Mon. 7 Sept. 2015, 7pm

1- Interview with Joel Villarreal and Miles Conway: Why did you (or other members) join a Union? 6:05

2 – What are the main issues that Unions need to face in New Mexico now? 5:18

3- What´s the atmosphere in workplaces in New Mexico? Why is there a low percentage of workers who join a Labor organization? 4:57

Celebrate Labor Day with New Mexico Federation of Labor (AFL-CIO) President, Jon Hendry, and leaders of the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees (AFSCME, New Mexico Council 18): Joel Villarreal (Staff Representative) and Miles Conway (Communications Coordinator). We talk about what are their main goals to achieve, the main topics that workers organizations need to face, and what´s the future of Unions.