Jimmy López: “Lord of the Air”

Originally aired on KUNM / Mon. 31 August 2015, 7pm

Interview (full) with composer Jimmy López about his last work “Perú Negro / America Salvaje / Synésthesie (24:05)
What did inspire Jimmy López´s composition “Lord of the air”? (2:28)

Jimmy López  is among the younger generation of South American Composers. Born in Lima, Perú, his life trip looks like the Lord of the Air, one of his most important compositions about the flight of the Condor, the emblematic bird of the Andean Region.

He received important awards such as Prince Priza, the Morton Gould Young Composer Award, First Prize at the Alea III International Composition Competition, among others. He flew from the National Conservatory of Music of Perú, to Finland where he obtained his Master of Music in the Sibellius Academy, and to the US, to achieve his Doctorate from the University of California at Berkeley. Now he is flourishing and ascending in his career, like his own description of a condor flight stages.

In this interview we talked with Dr. Jimmy Lopez during his visit in Santa Fe (NM) about his last work, just released by the Harmonia Label, in collaboration with the Norwegian Radio Orchestra and Peruvian conductor Miguel Harth-Bedoya : América Salvaje, Synesthésie, Perú Negro, and Lord of the Air.