Gangs of the El Paso-Juárez borderland

Book cover: Tapia M. (2019), Gangs of The El Paso – Juárez Borderland: a history, UNM Press

Author Dr. Mike Tapia guides us in the examination of gang history and its subcultures in this unique Southwest borderland region, and how promote changes that help youth-at-risk, in a conversation hosted by Cristina Baccin.

Dr. Tapia, Associate Professor of Criminology at New Mexico State University book Gangs of The El Paso – Juárez Borderland: a history was just released by the University of New Mexico Press. In this conversation, Dr. Tapia tells us the history of the barrio gangs since the 1920s to today´s post-street-gang era in an analysis that engage history as a key to working with children and youngsters.