“Exhaling Space”: An interview with Alejandro Rutty

Alejandro Rutty (

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Listen to a conversation hosted by Cristina Baccin with Argentinian musician and composer Alejandro Rutty, currently Associate Professor of Music at the University of North Carolina about his new album “Exhaling space”, a project that musically portrays the basic need -but often forgotten- for space and breathing.

In this dialogue, Professor Alejandro Rutty walks with the listener in the paths of his aspiration to recreate a musical language that inhales South American folkloric genres and tango, and exhales a speech of his own. We invite the listeners to be open to a new experience in tango.


1- Exhaling space for string quartet / Exhaling Space / Alejandro Rutty / Navona Records

2- Martian milonga/ Exhaling Space / Alejandro Rutty / Navona Records

3- Qualia for piano/ Exhaling Space / Alejandro Rutty / Navona Records

Originally aired on KUNM (July 21, 2018)

And this is my art work, inspired in this music:

“Espirare” by Cristina Baccin (Mixed media on paper, 2018)