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1st. Chapter: Interview with TradiSon members Amaury Rodríguez, Miguel Delgado and Guillermo Linares, hosted by Cristina Baccin about what´s the soul of Cuban son, what´s the son that they would take with themselves (KUNM, July 14th, 2017)

Host Cristina Baccin interviews the musicians of TradiSon sharing their joy and knowledge of Cuban traditional musical genres: son, guajira, guaracha, bolero y más! Be ready (like Ernest Hemingway in Havana with a mojito!) to enjoy this conversation from Museum Hill before their performance at the opening night of the International Folk Art Market, co-presented by  Santa Fe Bandstand and ¡Globalquerque! 


Band members:

  • Gilberto Noriega (Cuquito), lead singer
  • Benito Torres (El Beny), guitar
  • Amaury Rodriguez, percussion
  • Miguel Delgado, Cuban tres guitar
  • Guillermo Linares, bass and vocals

Originally aired on KUNM, July 15, 2017