“Genízaro Nation”


Comanchitos de la Sierra (CREDIT: Lynn Velarde y Gonzáles / Moisés Gonzáles (Dec. 2016)

Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Spanish, Dr. Enrique Lamadrid and Prof. Moisés Gonzáles, Community & Regional Planning at the University of New Mexico are shining light on a topic that challenges cultural identities in New Mexico through their forthcoming book “Genízaro Nation”.

A NPR Report by John Burnett highlighted the slavery of Native Americans in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries in New Mexico. Professors Lamadrid and Gonzáles talk with host Cristina Baccin about the complexity of the topic and how it can help better understand our New Mexican ancestors and our present society.

More information:

Genizaro Federation of New Mexico

(Originally aired on KUNM, Dec. 9th, 2017)