Latina Teacher wins a Milken Educator Award: Melissa Tapia-Kovac

A Latina second-grade teacher from Santa Fe (New Mexico) Melissa Tapia-Kovac received $25,000 from the Milken Educator Awards. From Amy Biehl Community School at Rancho Viejo, Ms. Kovac is one of the 35 recipients of this nationwide recognition for teaching. This award, hailed as the “Oscars of Teaching”, recognizes her commitment to her students, their families and the community. She shares with host Cristina Baccin her teaching strategies and her wishes for public education in New Mexico.


Melissa Tapia-Kovac at Amy Biehl’s school garden. (Photo: Milken Family Foundation)


With Melissa Tapia-Kovac in KUNM Studios (Nov. 7th, 2016)

Originally aired on KUNM (Mon. 11/7, 7:30pm