New Mexico: Children At High Risk

On April  we celebrate Children´s Day in several countries, so we´ll converse with our guests, Dr. Verónica García, Executive Director of New Mexico Voices for Children and  Ms. Amber Wallin, Director of Kids Count about childhood in New Mexico. More information:

April is a month to celebrate Children´s Day: In New Mexico, do we have something to celebrate regarding the wellbeing of our children? What´s the situation of childhood in this state according with your last data? (Interview with Dr. García and A. Wallin, hosted by Cristina Baccin, April 4, 2016).

What´s the situation of Hispanic children in New Mexico?

A pediatrician friend of mine usually says “A society that doesn´t take care of their children and their elders is an uncivilized society”: What should we -as community- do for our childhood wellbeing?

Guayasamin_ Ternura_2

“Madre y niño” by Oswaldo Guayasamin (Credit:, Fundación Guayasamín)