LISTEN PODCAST – Originally aired on KUNM 89.9 Sat. 3 May, 2014 – 4:15pm:Quinteto Negro La Boca

From an iconic tanguero neighborhood of Buenos Aires, La Boca, we converse with Pablo Bernaba, founder of QUINTETO NEGRO LA BOCA.

In their impressive successful show Tangos negros y libertarios, the QNLB performs traditional, new, and socially-involved tango with the lyrics of the Argentinian writer, Osvaldo Bayer (author of La Patagonia Rebelde).

Through their tango music, and Bayer´s lyrics, QNLB represents the history of the afro roots of tango, and episodes of the last century struggle of workers in Argentina, such as the story of the Anarchist immigrant Severino Di Giovanni.

Let´s celebrate International Workers´ Day, with QNLB tango music, and its renewed effort to keep the Argentinian memory alive.

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El Detalle consolidado/Quinteto Negro La Boca/Album Negro/2012/EPSA Music/

Cara mia/Quinteto Negro La Boca –  canta Natalí Di vincenzo /2014/Label: Unreleased

Patagonia Rebelde/Quinteto Negro La Boca – con la voz de Limon Garcia y Malena D´alessio/Label: Unreleased

Severino/Quinteto Negro La Boca Canta Hernán Fernández/Album Negro/2012/EPSA Music

Mal de amores/Quinteto Negro La Boca/Tango Contaminado/2010/Sello Independiente

Tango para Guevara/Quinteto Negro La Boca/Tango Contaminado/2010/Sello Independiente

Chau Falcon/Quinteto Negro La Boca  canta Cholo Castelo/2014/Label: Unreleased

Maradoneando/Quinteto Negro La Boca – canta Cucuza-Garré-Fernández/Tango Contaminado/2010/Sello Independiente